Baden-Baden works!

A travel to Baden-Baden is easy …

Thanks to the very near Karlsruhe-Airpark airport with links to Germany’s major cities such as Hamburg and Berlin, this small metropolis supplements life in the big city. No rush, a sophisticated offering for cultural, culinary and nature and for good measure a cityscape that is rather reminiscent of the old Paris. Well, Paris is perhaps somewhat exaggerated, but it would actually be the city dwellers that want to bring their flair in to their adopted country.

The Paris casino lessee Jacques Bénazet allowed the casino to be developed by a Parisian interior designer. A little later, he built the Paris opera according to the Baden-Baden theatre. It can also be noticed on the streets that the townspeople do not want to be inferior to the city flair of the Seine.

Baden-Baden has of course been described often and in detail. There are entire books and films about the main attractions that guide you to the most prominent sights. Therefore it is important to us to show our Baden-Baden. All the small and rather hidden places that are not necessarily evident at first glance as a tourist.

Our landscape is mountainous and Baden-Baden spans some hills. The old town was constructed at the foot of the new castle – or more correctly – the margrave family in the 14th century moved out of the old castle inside the city walls and gradually developed the castle there to its size today. Many small alleys and steps fan out from the castle hill into the city. Our steps are called “Staffeln” and are usually named after margraves such as the Bernhardusstaffel or Christophstaffel. Whoever would like to keep fit can really count steps here. And it is precisely in these mentioned nooks and crannies where the quite small special features are located that we would like to make you aware of in this blog.