Successful conferencing – Strengthening teams

Many years of experience in the conference area have helped us realise that we would like to offer our customers more than only an excellent conference venue.
With Frank Ganteführer as team performer, we have a very experienced and well-known partner who supports your event either here in the hotel or in the Black Forest.   “Success, performance and motivation of people who pursue an objective jointly are dependent on whether these master the art to be a team”, says Frank Ganteführer.

Team Coaching & Moderation

Frank Ganteführer who has trained approx. 1,000 groups, was able to observe in numerous projects how very dependent the success of a company is on the interaction and motivation of its employees. The corporate culture, type of leadership and the satisfaction index of the people involved are decisively responsible for the performance of teams.

Cooperative team exercises

These unique tools are used specifically depending on each phase of the training. Thanks to reflection of what is experienced, the group reaches perceptions that can be transferred immediately to everyday life – insights into the team culture and new approaches for conflict solutions and better added value.

Raft building team project

Your group builds a load-bearing, floating platform from provided material. Schedule and diagrams are produced previously. The commitment and the ideas of each individual team member are required from the initial idea until the finished product.

Thematic Seminars

Jointly performed and professionally supported team developements support team spirit, motivation and project readiness – these ensure healthy people in a healthy company! Frank Ganteführer provides various seminars where, in addition to the specific contents, the cooperation between the individual team members and the processes in the team are always considered and analysed.


We have further developed this new and previously very time-consuming team training method for you so it can now be carried out at any time with acceptable costs. According to our experience, it results in a unique wealth of results and can also hardly be surpassed as regards sustainability. Therefore our invitation: accept the challenge! Take part in a “real” business game in the Middle Ages with Frank Ganteführer where each participant takes over a role with special characteristics.

Workshop Units

Classic methods with flip chart or meta cards and the communication of theoretical backgrounds using models and presentations are self-evident for the team performer. They are always included in his seminars – only his events are much more expercience-oriented than “conventional” ones.