Baden-Badens Wellness & Spa facilities are located right next to our Hotel am Sophienpark

Baden-Baden is a historic health resort and spa city of a worldwide reputation. Respected doctors and therapists have always settled in this city. Use your valuable time during a shorter stay to look after your health and your well-being. The exclusive thermal spas with generous wellness landscapes can be reached in a few minutes.

Please gain a first impression on our website about the medical and cosmetical range of products and services. We already arranged a wellness bag for you fitted with towels, slippers and a bathrobe. Just drop us a little message …

Wellness in Baden-Baden, Wellness, Hotel am Sophienpark


Roman bathing culture and Irish hot-air baths have been combined in Friedrichsbad for more than 125 years. This exclusive wellness treat can be experienced by completing a special circuit of 17 different stations. Thermal bath tubs with changing temperatures, a caledarium for warming up and steam baths have a regenerative effect on body and soul.In the Friedrichsbad you are provided with plenty of towels and a bathrobe. The visit is traditionally for nudists.

Mixed-sex bathing: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun, bank holidays and 14th Feb.
Single-sex bathing: Mon, Thu, Sat

Römerplatz 1, Phone +49 7221 275920

Wellness in Baden-Baden, Wellness, Hotel am Sophienpark


On more than 3,000 m², the Caracella Spa provides a lot of space for relaxation and ample bathing pleasure in the healing thermal water. The immune system can be trained in a large sauna landscape indoors as well as on the outdoor terrain.

Open daily: 8 am – 10 pm

Römerplatz 1
Phone +49  7221 275940

Wellness in Baden-Baden, Wellness, Hotel am Sophienpark


In the same building as the Caracalla there is a highly sophisticated gym with a great variety of cardio and strength training machines and many yoga and gymnastic workouts. Well educated physicians with diploma give a professional advice. You can pay for a day and enjoy the thermal spas as well. It´s included.

Open daily: 8 am – 22 pm

Römerplatz 1
Phone +49 7221 275975

Wellness in Baden-Baden, Wellness, Hotel am Sophienpark


Anti-aging without surgery, that is possible with modern technology and well-founded expert knowledge. The Medical Beauty and Wellness Institute in Baden-Baden provides you with many individual treatments that positively influence your beauty, wellness and health. Minka Haberstroh combines traditional naturopathy with modern innovative technology. Not many master the HydraFacial treatments of the stars like she does.

Scheibenstraße 10
Phone + 49 7221 970 9833

Wellness in Baden-Baden, Wellness, Hotel am Sophienpark


Yoga exercises follow a holistic approach that should harmonise mind, body and soul. Marlon Heinkel is a yoga therapist and relaxation trainer. Marlon Heinkel provides private tutoring on request in the Hotel am Sophienpark. You can learn new techniques for relaxation or also enjoy yoga hours on your travels.

Phone  +49 152 06 44 72 54

Wellness in Baden-Baden, Wellness, Hotel am Sophienpark


A visit to the Salina sea salt grotto in Baden-Baden is like a day at the seaside. Allergy sufferers, people with all types of respiratory diseases and people seeking tranquillity can breathe easy lying down comfortably in healthy air.

Opening hours:
Mon- Fri 10 am – 7 pm
Sat, Sun und bank holidays 11 am – 5 pm

Sophienstraße 47
Phone +49 7221 39 89 590