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A travel to Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden works! A travel to Baden-Baden is easy ... Thanks to the very near Karlsruhe-Airpark airport with links to Germany's major cities such as Hamburg and Berlin, this small metropolis supplements life in the big city. No rush, a sophisticated offering for cultural, culinary and nature and for good measure a cityscape that is rather reminiscent of the old Paris. Well, Paris is perhaps somewhat exaggerated, but it would actually be the city dwellers that want to bring their flair in to their adopted country. The Paris casino lessee Jacques Bénazet allowed the casino to be developed by a Parisian interior designer. A little later, he built the Paris opera according to the Baden-Baden theatre. It can also be noticed on the streets that the townspeople do not want to be inferior to the city flair of the Seine. Baden-Baden has of course been described often and in detail. There are entire books and films about the main attractions that guide you to the most prominent sights. Therefore it is important to us to show our Baden-Baden. All the small and rather hidden places that are not necessarily evident at first glance as a tourist. Our landscape is mountainous and Baden-Baden spans some hills. The old town was constructed at the foot of the new castle - or more correctly - the margrave family in the 14th century moved out of the old castle inside the city walls and gradually developed the castle there to its size today. Many small alleys and steps fan out from the castle hill into the city. Our steps are called "Staffeln" and are usually named after margraves such as the Bernhardusstaffel or Christophstaffel. Whoever would like to keep fit can really count steps here. And it is precisely in these mentioned nooks and crannies where the quite small special features are located that we would like to make you aware of in this blog.

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Off to the summer health resort

The first essential step for the tourist development was the founding of the mail coach scheduled service through the Black Forest in the year 1760. At that time the house of today's Hotel am Sophienpark had already existed for over 30 years. Not under this name and only as tavern "Zum Goldenen Lamm". Ignaz Rössler obtained the permit to convert the house to an hotel in 1840. This was at a time when nobles went with their equipage to the spa towns for relaxation. While the nobility stayed in the spa towns, wealthy city dwellers in the 19th century looked for the summer retreat in the countryside. The Schwarzwaldverein (Black Forest Association) was founded in 1864 and the trails and shelters were then built in the following decades. Gradually there were hiking maps, restaurants and cableways. Tourism developed splendidly particularly at the start of the 20th century. This is also evidenced by our cableway on the Merkur, that with 28% -54% slopes is one of the longest and steepest funicular railways in Germany. Once you reach the top, you can typically stop and observe the gliders at the start at a height of 668 m. For all who would like to fortify themselves on hikes, we have listed some nice, typical restaurants here: Merken Merken Merken Altes Schloß Hohenbaden Peter Zorn Alter Schloßweg 10 D-76532 Baden-Baden Telephone: +49 (0) 7221 26948 Fax: +49 (0) 7221 391775 https://schloss-hohenbaden.de/ Waldschänke Hungerberg D-76539 Baden-Baden Telephone: +49 (0) 7221 / 32212 Coordinates (map reference system WGS 84) Latitude: 48.767135856 Longitude: 8.246107438 Geroldsauer Mill Gateway to the North Black Forest national park Geroldsauer Straße 54 D-76530 Baden-Baden +49 (0) 7221 9964680 +49 (0) 7221 99646820 info@geroldsauermuehle.de The Badener Höhe Friends of Nature House is on the Westweg (West Trail) on the mountain of the same name in the North Black Forest, in the vicinity of Herrenwies, Mehliskopf and Hornisgrinde. Car park and bus stop: "Sand": https://www.naturfreunde-karlsruhe.de Coordinates (map reference system WGS 84) Latitude: 48.666447 Longitude: 8.257813 Waldgaststätte Scherrhof Im Stadtwald D-76534 Baden-Baden Telephone: +49 (0) 7221/7417 https://www.waldgasthaus-scherrhof.de/ Coordinates (map reference system WGS 84) Latitude: 48.70105 Longitude: 8.28152 Burg Alt Eberstein Rosenstr. 50 D-76530 Baden-Baden / Ebersteinburg Telephone: +49 (0) 7221 288 99 https://www.alt-eberstein.de/ Coordinates (map reference system WGS 84) Latitude: 48.783851 Longitude: 8.270645 Waldgaststätte Bütthof Jörg und Birgit Lass Bütthof 1 D-76534 Baden-Baden Telephone: +49 (0) 7221 / 73747 https://www.buetthof.de/ Coordinates (map reference system WGS 84) Latitude: 48.71115 Longitude: 8.24829 Turm Fremersberg Fremersberg Turm 1 D-76530 Baden-Baden Telephone: +49 (0) 7221 / 99 53 31 Fax: +49 (0) 7221 / 99 53 32 https://www.turmfremersberg.de/ Coordinates (map reference system WGS 84) Latitude: 48.75270 Longitude: 8.20235 YBurg Yburg Burgruine 1 D-76534 Baden-Baden-Varnhalt Tel. +49 (0) 7223/8007090 E-Mail: info@yburg.net website: www.yburg.net Restaurant Merkurstüble Merkuriusberg 5, D-76530 Baden-Baden Tel: +49 (0) 7221 31640 Hotel-Restaurant Waldcafé Baden-Baden Merkuriusberg 1, D-76530 Baden-Baden Tel: +49 (0) 7221 22560 If that is not enough, the Vesper app can be downloaded: https://bz-vesper.de/

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Take a deep breath in the Black Forest

Nationalpark Black Forest It is unique how well a forest floor can smell when the sun is slowly warming the dew or when a thunderous summer storm subsides and the raindrops sparkle on sedges.  People have been living from the forest here for centuries. From the wood, from the blueberries and mushrooms. That accounts for the cultural landscape that the old traces of the mail coach wheels can still be detected in the granite with a practised eye or the huts in which the tree trunks were earlier sent down the valley. Welcome to the Nationalpark Black Forest! A tremendous hurricane devastated large areas of these dark forests on December 26, 1999. Suddenly nothing was like previously. When the first shock was over, the people wanted to use the opportunities that this storm also gave. Large areas should from now on be left to themselves because people wanted to learn from nature how they coped with the damage. The Lothar path initially came into being as memorial and in the meantime as living proof that nature had won the biodiversity. A short time later, there was then also the Lynx path because the animal was resident again and since 2014 a complete North Black Forest National Park because it was recognised how valuable these untouched areas are. A lot of information can be found in the Ruhestein nature conservation centre for whoever would like to intensively occupy himself with flora and fauna. What is fascinating is this old, traditional landscape next to a natural landscape that is now free to develop itself again.  There are many excursion destinations in the Black Forest. Hiking, walking, jogging, mountain bike trails, flying in gliders, climbing or winter sports; simply everyone can get his money's worth here. And fortunately, there are always cosy and comfortable rest points ;-)

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Christmasmarket Baden-Baden

The most romantic Christmas Market The Christmas Market Baden-Baden is located in front of the Kurhaus Small wooden huts are arranged as if on a string between the colonnades and in front of the spa building. That could be described very briefly as: an elaborately illustrated Christmas market in front of the spa building Enormous backlit stained glass painting, lovingly made by Baden-Baden school classes Music in the acoustic shell Delicatessen stalls and handicraft But when you hear the steps crunching in the snow and the Christmas lighting is sparkling in the alleys, you see the Christmas Market with different eyes. Then you are curious whether there is new handicraft to marvel at again this year, whether the chestnut trolley still bakes fine, hot chestnuts, whether the Winzerglühwein (winemaker mulled wine) still tastes as good as last year and whether the potato fritter stall is there again. Children's eyes sparkle when they see the Santa Claus floating in the hot air balloon arriving. Young people browse at the Allgau cheese stall because they absolutely have to sample everything until they know precisely what they could give to their grandparents as presents. Small children stand in front of donkeys and sheep that patiently let themselves be stroked while others in the hut next door are trying to bake biscuits. All of this produces a pre-Christmas season feeling. Please be aware to book early in advance during the season of the Christmas Market Baden-Baden.

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A short break with art

In Baden-Baden, it is worth dedicating a complete day to the subject of art Of course, there are also smaller exhibitions again and again, for example by the galleries or by the art associations of Baden-Baden. A certainly worthwhile tour guides you through all of Baden- Baden and to quite different exhibitions. Perhaps you take two days for this, then the enthusiasm for art can be combined with the nature experience. Our young couple guests, Emilia and Moritz, show what can be made of a day with art: 08:30: We look directly into the park from the room and listen to the birds chirping with the window open. A breakfast table is already waiting for us below on the park terrace, and getting up is easy because we have some plans for today. We treat ourselves to a long, relaxed breakfast with fresh fruit, Bircher muesli, rolls and eggs, and of course a lot of tasty coffee. More is not possible, otherwise we would never get away ... 10:00: We start first directly with the Frieder Burda museum. We were already here for the Nolde exhibition when the raised flower beds around the museum were kept in the colours of the pictures and for JR who had involved the whole of Baden-Baden in his street art photo project. Our photo from the photo booth that was positioned on the ground floor is still hanging at home. This time, we are curious about the Heinz Mack, Light and Shadows exhibition. It is always worth a visit for the architecture of the museum alone. The Light and Shadows exhibition is fascinating in a very special way; in this respect, it fits perfectly with the building. And yes, Moritz accompanies me into the museum shop. At least this time ;-) When we are finished with our audio guidance that is by the way really worth recommending, otherwise you miss a lot of things, the sun is already directly above the Lichtentaler Allee. The weather is simply magnificent and we enjoy lunch first in the Rive Gauche before we go to the Staatliche Kunsthalle (national art gallery). You must visit the exhibition yourself; it is too much to describe here. It was an impressive experience for us. 12.00: We manage to get a table outside on the sun terrace. The restaurant belongs to the Kulturhaus LA8 building complex. A city art lover has purchased the townhouse and opened it to the public – hats off! The small technology museum and a chess club are in the courtyard, Frank Elstner has his office here and the Rive Gauche restaurant also has, in addition to "our" terrace, a cosy restaurant inside as well as two pompous event rooms, the hall of mirrors and the Kristallsaal (Crystal Room). You can openly look around; it is really worthwhile for the architecture! However, we were then really hungry and were really surprised and impressed by the Lebanese cuisine! Then quickly an ice cream cornet at the ice cream parlour [...]

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