In Baden-Baden, it is worth dedicating a complete day to the subject of art

Of course, there are also smaller exhibitions again and again, for example by the galleries or by the art associations of Baden-Baden. A certainly worthwhile tour guides you through all of Baden- Baden and to quite different exhibitions. Perhaps you take two days for this, then the enthusiasm for art can be combined with the nature experience.

Our young couple guests, Emilia and Moritz, show what can be made of a day with art:
08:30: We look directly into the park from the room and listen to the birds chirping with the window open. A breakfast table is already waiting for us below on the park terrace, and getting up is easy because we have some plans for today. We treat ourselves to a long, relaxed breakfast with fresh fruit, Bircher muesli, rolls and eggs, and of course a lot of tasty coffee. More is not possible, otherwise we would never get away …
10:00: We start first directly with the Frieder Burda museum. We were already here for the Nolde exhibition when the raised flower beds around the museum were kept in the colours of the pictures and for JR who had involved the whole of Baden-Baden in his street art photo project. Our photo from the photo booth that was positioned on the ground floor is still hanging at home. This time, we are curious about the Heinz Mack, Light and Shadows exhibition. It is always worth a visit for the architecture of the museum alone. The Light and Shadows exhibition is fascinating in a very special way; in this respect, it fits perfectly with the building. And yes, Moritz accompanies me into the museum shop. At least this time 😉
When we are finished with our audio guidance that is by the way really worth recommending, otherwise you miss a lot of things, the sun is already directly above the Lichtentaler Allee. The weather is simply magnificent and we enjoy lunch first in the Rive Gauche before we go to the Staatliche Kunsthalle (national art gallery). You must visit the exhibition yourself; it is too much to describe here. It was an impressive experience for us.

12.00: We manage to get a table outside on the sun terrace. The restaurant belongs to the Kulturhaus LA8 building complex. A city art lover has purchased the townhouse and opened it to the public – hats off! The small technology museum and a chess club are in the courtyard, Frank Elstner has his office here and the Rive Gauche restaurant also has, in addition to “our” terrace, a cosy restaurant inside as well as two pompous event rooms, the hall of mirrors and the Kristallsaal (Crystal Room). You can openly look around; it is really worthwhile for the architecture! However, we were then really hungry and were really surprised and impressed by the Lebanese cuisine!
Then quickly an ice cream cornet at the ice cream parlour between the palms; the horse-drawn carriage clattered by with a few tourists who took photographs of us and hopefully do not post them anywhere on-line! An atmosphere like that of the Italian lakes.

14:30: Now it is time for the Staatliche Kunsthalle. It is well known for experimental and contemporary art. We are extremely curious because we cannot imagine much from the “Übermorgenkünstler” (day after tomorrow artists) title of the exhibition. In any case, we will drink another cappuccino in the café in the Kunsthalle after the tour. This café is simply too exceptional to sit outside. The primary theme is sustainability and only recycled materials have been used. Packing blankets on the walls, recycled wood for self-made furniture and only regional products are used for the food. Prinzessinnengärten from Berlin-Kreuzberg gave ideas from its urban gardening project and was cooperation partner. What we like about Baden-Baden: The city is actually a small town and yet always connected to the world. There is never any feeling of being stranded in the provinces and the exhibition was super!

16:00: Even if we have only visited two museums up to now, our legs are becoming tired. Only the walk through the old town up to the market place helps this. Namely, there should be a really worthwhile exhibition in the old steam bath. The members of an art association are active here. There are a few art associations in Baden-Baden, and when you look in some gardens, probably a lot of artists also really live here. The old steam bath on the market place can be quickly recognised by the quite high clay vases on iron stilts. We do not understand how they withstand any storm, but they have been standing there for many years. The old steam bath still has a little of the charms of old bath culture; however it is completely cleared out and provides some beautiful exhibition rooms. The exhibition this time relates to the Staatliche Kunsthalle, a super project.

We first thought that we could easily manage some art in Baden-Baden in one day, but in the meantime we know that we will have to cancel some further excursions for the next short break. Frida Kahlo, the Fabergé Museum and the Mummelsee must therefore wait.

17:30: Finished! We now only want to comfortably enjoy an aperitif, ideally on casual lounge furniture. We walk down to the Trinkhalle (pump room) in the town and let ourselves fall down on the sofas in the garden. Wonderful!

19:00 For dinner, we only walk a few steps to Le Bistrot. With the nice weather, we still want to sit outside, eat something simple and watch the people on the street. Perfect!